David Giroire and his team provide image and communication consulting to a new generation of talents in the fields of architecture, art, design and the art of living. These creators are all driven by the same values: curiosity, innovation and preserving the savoir-faire of their different professions. In the spirit of a global communications strategy, David Giroire Communication works with a solid network of creative professionals to offer tailored service and a fresh perspective that leverages the strengths of each of its customers.  

11 bis, rue de Beaujolais
Jardin du Palais Royal - 75001 Paris

Phone: +33 (0) 1 84 79 18 09
E-mail: contact@davidgiroire.com
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David Giroire and his team devise effective, creative communication strategies backed by the strength of their network in France and abroad. The firm plays an essential role in developing its talents’ brand image by selecting relevant media and influencers that match their needs. Over the years, the firm has forged strong, long-lasting relationships with major influential figures in the creative and cultural industries. On behalf of his talents, David Giroire builds and coordinates a community of opinion leaders who align with his values, thus reinforcing their credibility.  


The Studio advises its customers on honing their brand platform and defining their visual identity and messaging in order to make them stand out as unique and credible. It aligns customers’ communication strategies with their ambitions and values to determine and devise the right tone for each of their tools and messages. The Studio offers its customers ongoing support in their strategic planning to create a visual and editorial identity, a graphic charter, a website and relevant communication tools that strongly and consistently project their image.



GALERIE! is an intimate experimental space for one-of-a-kind exhibitions – David Giroire and his creative agency think of communication as a mean to create connections. From fashion to interiors, from design to art, the agency builds bridges between the most varied forms of creation. As if Jean Cocteau’s spirit spread upon this place where he once lived, it came naturally to David Giroire that this space had to extend the agency’s philosophy. GALERIE! was born during FIAC 2018 with a first show of Paul Mpagi Sepuya’s self portraits curated by Jay Ezra, a few months later the artist Joseph Schiano di Lombo presented a series of multidisciplinary works. Since then, David Giroire has invited many artists and curators to exhibit their work at GALERIE!  


Theoreme Editions is a French publishing house founded by David Giroire and Jérôme Bazzocchi whose intention is to introduce a young generation of contemporary French design. Theoreme Editions is the voice for a generation of creative professionals who are keenly aware of the expertise, choice of materials and narrative dimension of their creations. Through pieces that are sculptural, referenced, inspiring, attractive or poetic, Theoreme Editions communicates a strong and refreshing aesthetic, delivering a subtle and exacting vision of contemporary design. This collection includes pieces by Emmanuelle Simon, Francesco Balzano, Garnier & Linker, Joris Poggioli, Pool and Services Généraux. It was presented in April 2019 at the Salone Del Mobile in Milan and in September 2019 at the Joyce Gallery in Paris.