Retrouvé is a line of skincare products with a unique history created by Jamie Morse Heidegger, the Kiehl’s heiress, for her personal use. Combining the best of science with the best of technology, the unisex line is made up of five products formulated to maintain the functioning of the living cells of the dermis. Each ingredient used is natural and beneficial to the skin.


Inspired by the timeless beauty of the Italian Renaissance, the Retrouvé skincare line strives for no less than excellence. It is a one-of-a-kind range of products developed by Jamie Morse Heidegger, a cosmetic expert and beauty visionary. The granddaughter of Irving Morse, a pharmacologist in New York who originally developed the Kiehl’s brand, this trailblazer worked with her husband Klaus Heidegger to come up with a series of luxury skincare formulas. They are intended for her and for all men and women dreaming of taking their daily ritual to never-before-seen heights.


Designed for all skin types, the Retrouvé skincare line is made up of five essential products: a nourishing cream, a replenishing cream, a serum, a cleanser and an eye concentrate. It is a simple, clear, luxurious and highly effective collection for anyone looking to preserve their youthfulness, deeply nourish their skin and regenerate it over the long term.


Retrouvé is one of the few brands of beauty products that have met the challenge of formulating five premium elixirs capable of restoring cellular harmony without any artificial fragrances, parabens or colouring agents. The Retrouvé products are made in Jamie Morse Heidegger’s laboratories in California. Fans of France, Jamie and Klaus chose the name Retrouvé to reflect the brand’s objective, which is to restore original purity to the epidermis through the use of lavish textures and highly concentrated formulas. Elegant black packaging is used for the range’s products.