Molli is a collection of knit ready-to-wear women’s clothing with unique know-how. It is guided by one philosophy, which is creating timeless pieces with clean lines.


Molli knitwear has been passed down from mother to daughter since the late 19th century. In 2015, on the initiative of its young artistic director Charlotte de Fayet, Molli decided to renew its famous moss stitch by using it for women’s models. Molli is one of those brands that people know and follow because of its excellent reputation and an emotional connection. It offers discreet, long-lasting luxury for all ages.


The impeccable knitwear is the result of extensive knowledge of the craft, including the rigorous selection of yarns – finer than those commonly used – manufactured from superior-quality combed cotton and new wool. It is also distinguished by its wide range of stitches, including the iconic ‘moss stitch’, which is knitted with double pointed needles to produce a unique texture. The finishes on garments are meticulous and detailed, providing the extra touches that make Molli knitwear so unique. Molli designs are sketched in a studio in Paris. Each of its models is manufactured in France and Italy, to the very last detail.


Charlotte de Fayet represents the new spirit of Molli. She took over the brand of babywear in 2015, looking to write a new chapter in the company’s history. This young and active Parisian woman came up with a collection of dynamic and elegant women’s knitwear that reflects her lifestyle. At the same time, she maintained the newborn collection that built the brand’s reputation. Such a subtle, seamless renewal is sure to sustain the timeless elegance characterised by Molli knitwear.