In 2021, after working together for several years in different Paris agencies, Stéphanie Lizée and Raphael Hugot created their own architectural studio, Lizée-Hugot. Through this partnership, a fusion of their complementary talents, they can express their narrative vision of interior architecture via perfectly targeted, mindful designs.

This duality is the source of their creative power. Raphael Hugot focuses on his love for drafting designs, for balanced volumes and for supervising on-going projects. Stéphanie Lizée is passionate about searching for materials and expertise, selecting unique pieces, designing custom furniture and playing with decorative contrasts. These roles fuel the synergy that creates their meticulous, singular vocabulary, and inspire the design of functional, genuine spaces, interspersed with unexpected bold accents, suffused with emotion.

The partners seek balance and precision in their diverse projects, notably by designing most of the furniture, which imparts a unique identity, whether they are working on an apartment, a restaurant or a hotel. Instinct is also crucial to their approach, as reflected in deliberate and frank colors, the contrast and combination of materials, the selection of unique pieces and the quest for exceptional artisans. Their projects draw on major artistic influences; they like the functionalism of the modern movement, the bold style of the designer Gae Aulenti, the sense of detail of decorators like Dudouyt and René Prou, who promoted the idea of simple luxury, and the architectural power of Lina Bo Bradi’s furniture.

Each project has a unique context, a connection with its history and its environment. Lizée-Hugot works to infuse a place with a strong spirit, while using a light touch; they leave room for serendipitous encounters, which underscore the impact and authenticity of their projects. Their shared goal is to skillfully and modestly tell a story through the creation of fluid, human and soothing spaces that are immediately livable.

The studio has just finished the Parisian restaurant Abstinence, near École Militaire. They devised a friendly, intimate and elegant décor, seamlessly incorporating a mix of noble materials: wood, leather, stainless steel and marble. The pair also designed all the furniture, from the chairs to the large sculptural stone bar, and opted for a subtle palette of colors, conjuring up a cinematic vibe.

Lizée-Hugot are about to present the décor for the Hôtel des Académies et des Arts, near Montparnasse in Paris, designed as an homage to the flourishing creativity of the neighborhood in the early twentieth century. They also completed the interior architecture for a large family apartment, designed as a townhouse. These two projects reflect their desire to place art and the decorative arts at the heart of their approach.