Founded in 1891 by Edouard Blanchard in Limoges, France, J.M. Weston is a traditional shoe company whose unique, hundred-year-old know-how has never disappointed. Michel Perry has been artistic director of J.M. Weston since 2001.


A symbol of timeless French elegance, J.M. Weston is known worldwide for its iconic loafers, which have been worn from generation to generation, across various styles and eras. J.M. Weston thus embodies Parisian elegance with its timeless style free of artifice and its use of codes. Its know-how has been carefully passed down at the shoe factory in Limoges since 1891.


Boasting the ‘Living Heritage Company’ label, the J.M. Weston shoe factory has set the standard in men’s shoe-making. Each J.M. Weston shoe tells the story of skilled men and women: 180 to 200 manual procedures are required to make one pair, ensuring that it is truly unique. The various artisans involved in the process leave their mark on each model. The pieces are crafted using traditional shoe-making techniques. This legacy passed down in Limoges is still fuelling major creative ambitions.


Since he was appointed artistic director in 2001, Michel Perry has been breathing new creative energy into the famed shoe factory in Limoges. At his creative helm, each model is now as elegant and modern as the next. The artistic director has added new twists to the firm’s flagship models: after Le Moc’, he revived the iconic 180 loafer, made with two materials for the first time. The 300 Oxford has also been revived and now sits on a crepe rubber sole. Mini-series of new shoe and leather goods models designed by Michel Perry as well as re-releases of collaborative designs are crafted every year. The firm’s latest store was recently inaugurated in the Le Marais district of Paris.