Iracema Trevisan is a Brazilian illustrator based in Paris. A gifted artist and graphic designer, she imagines lush and flamboyant worlds, for herself and for others, that resemble her home country.


Iracema grew up in Poços de Caldas, in the south of Brazil, and moved to Sao Paulo at the age of 17 to study fashion. She became a bassist for the band CSS, and then a textile designer at Kenzo. The creator is strongly influenced by her Brazilian culture and its icons, including: Architect and jewellery designer Lina Bo Bardi—a major figure in Brazilian modernism, Christine Yufon—the Princess Paola of Orleans, and the palm trees, animals, and other insects that find their way into each of her creations, inspired by the colours of the Brazilian jungle.


This decorative world forms the basis of her scarf company, Heart Heart Heart. Iracema designs all of the graphics and only works on luxury materials such as silk, muslin, and wool. Her pictorial universe allows her to totally reinvent this classic and timeless accessory. Iracema doesn’t stop at embellishing our necks, either, as she brings her narrative world into our home interiors with her graphic wallpaper. Interior designers love the colourful, tropical flora and fauna that inspire her and make for stunning graphics combining insolence and classicism with plenty of humour.


A real Douanier Rousseau for the twenty-first century, Iracema redefines the modern imagination with floral and animal motifs, mixing fantastic insects and crazy plants, referencing the contrasting and urban landscapes of her Brazilian roots. Clashing colours, 3D effects, and embroidery are permanent features in Iracema Trevisan's work. Her love for nature is also ever present, and can be seen in all her works. The creator also devotes herself to photography and creating collages, leading to numerous collaborations. She invites artists, such as American director Miranda July, to bring their daydreams to life through her illustrations. Another such artist is Nicolas Godin, co-founder of the group AIR, who creates music to accompany her creations. In this way, Iracema’s works become living canvases in which her imaginary worlds can frolic.