LE GRAMME is a creative project in which each object takes it name form its metric weights. A lifestyle brand that proposes elementary shapes in different sizes, proportions and thus different weights. From bracelets to key-rings, LE GRAMME is a Made in France line of wearable objects and functional objects that employ the codes of architecture and design. Originally conceived for men, its radicality and minimalism appeals today as much to women with more than 100 sales points around the world.


LE GRAMME borrows its name from the universal measure of unit. This scientific unit becomes a source of inspiration and poetry: each object is named after its weight, each grammage giving rise to a different design. The LE GRAMME creations draw their strength from their simplicity, from an obviousness that comes from the repetition of their shapes and from the freedom they offer with their ability to be assembled together. Each object possesses an autonomous singularity that gradually transforms with accumulation, through unique and personalised interpretations, according to the person who wears it, their style, their gender whether it be female or male.


LE GRAMME offers wearable objects – bracelets, rings, cuff-links – but also functional objects in silver like rulers and keyrings. Each collection is the result of a precise equation between: an elementary shape, a noble material (925 silver or 750 gold - 18 carats), an imprint (smooth, engraved, guilloché) and a finish (polished, matt or brushed). A gift from aesthetes, LE GRAMME creations are manufactured in France using materials chosen for their nobility.


From their architectural and design-orientated backgrounds, Adrien Messié and Erwan Le Louër have retained the culture of shape and sense, with an approach where the object is never incidental, with a respect for craftsmanship, a passion for materials and a desire to create new rituals. Their creative project writes a minimalist and masculine script resulting in a line of architectural objects. The deliberately simple appearance of LE GRAMME objects is the complex fruit of an industrial craft where the precision of the machine is combined with the gaze and the gesture of man.