Opened in September 2020, the GALERIE GOOSSENS is the first space to be entirely dedicated to the decorative arts creations made by the eponymous house. Located at 20 rue Cambon, not far from its jewellery shop*, the GALERIE GOOSSENS is both boutique and showroom, welcoming individual clients and professionals. Conceived as a deliberately understated showcase, this new 45m2 space provides complete immersion into the world of GOOSSENS, and the opportunity to discover its iconic designs alongside its most recent creations.

In 1950, Robert Goossens, the son of a dynasty of founders, opened his own goldsmiths atelier in the Marais neighbourhood of Paris. Building on his early experience, an excellent mastery of technique and a creativity nourished by limitless curiosity, he launched himself into what would later become known as “couture jewellery”. In 1953 he met Gabrielle Chanel, who immediately noticed this young parurier artist’s talent. Over the following two decades, Robert Goossens would make endless jewellery for Mademoiselle, drawing on a multitude of inspirations, while laying the foundations for an original and timeless style. By combining noble and raw materials, Robert Goossens conjugated creativity with a spirit of couture.

In 2005, the goldsmith joined CHANEL’s Métiers d’art.

Since 1950, GOOSSENS has been developing an aesthetic universe with a creativity based on exceptional savoir-faire constantly pushing technical limits and constraints. It is the absolute mastery of the goldsmiths, jewellers and sculptor’s work, as well as a perfect understanding of the House’s emblematic materials (metal gilded with gold and rock crystal) that allows them to imagine a veritable spectrum of high-quality decorative objects. Lighting, mirrors, tables and pedestal tables, chandeliers, collectable objects with dreamlike inspirations, all offer a precious reinvention of nature for an enchanting interior decoration.

Sheaves and ears of wheat, waterlilies, foliage, corals and shells are just some of the themes dear to the House; stylised patterns such as the heart or those of a geometric inspiration with softened lines also enrich this vocabulary.

The GOOSSENS atelier is a concentration of every technical approach, from the most ancestral to the most innovative, from the lost wax casting, hammering and carving to engraving by laser…