Garnier & Linker is a collection of contemporary lighting and furniture hand-crafted by master French craftsmen using unique materials. Every piece is signed and numbered.


Guillaume Garnier and Florent Linker are two French designers based in Paris. Their work revolves around rare materials and techniques. As designers, they draw their inspiration from decorative arts and sculpture to create objects with clear forms that showcase the material. They turn to their experience in interior design, with India Mahdavi and Studio KO, to offer objects that fit in contemporary homes.


The Garnier & Linker collection is the fruit of experiments with ancestral materials and techniques. Alabaster, obsidian, volcanic stone, bronze, plaster and cast glass are just some of the materials selected from France’s finest factories and workshops. The designers’ work naturally began with a tour of France, during which they reached out to artisans to better understand their know-how and the scope of possibilities.


All of these materials and traditions have been assimilated and boldly reinterpreted by the pair of designers in a contemporary language. With their collection, they have built bridges between French craftsmanship and modern design. Each piece has been designed so that it can be modified by architects and designers to meet their projects’ needs. This subtle, discreetly luxurious collection combines the talent of the greatest French craftsmen with clean, contemporary lines.