Launched in 2015, EARLY WORK is a website for the sale of artworks dedicated to students and graduates (for up to five years after graduation) of the most prestigious art schools. Pieces by up-and-coming artists can be purchased in just a few clicks at very affordable prices. Its slogan is «Meet Pablo Before Picasso».


EARLY WORK is a digital observatory for contemporary art that brings young artists into contact with the general public. With the «Meet Pablo Before Picasso» slogan, art school students can be spotted by a broad audience that does not necessarily attend art galleries.The platform is a way for students and graduates to sell their pieces for the first time.


Founded by five enthusiasts under the age of thirty with experience in culture, the art market and finance, the EARLY WORK site gives collectors, amateurs and the general public the opportunity to discover a selection of works by up-and-coming artists. Anyone can purchase original pieces at prices that remain affordable (€100 to €1000), from a computer or iPad. The online works are hand-picked by a selection committee ensuring their quality and include photos, sculptures, drawings, paintings and mixed media. You will therefore receive an original, one-of-a-kind piece, with a certificate of authenticity.


In addition to this innovative platform, EARLY WORK has a line-up of exhibitions that serve as physical meeting points for artworks, artists and collectors. By banking on new generations of artists which it deciphers, promotes, supports and unveils, EARLY WORK promises to discover the great artists of the future before anyone else. The Musée d’Orsay has invited EARLY WORK to display the pieces of a new generation of artists in the autumn of 2016.