Since 2016, Ateliers Baudin has been creating a dialogue between the artisan and his customers in order to craft precious pieces with a unique personality. The Parisian maison is all about attention to detail and creating exceptional artisanal pieces, using traditional techniques originating in the Jura region, the birthplace of French frame-making. Renowned for enhancing noble and natural materials, Ateliers Baudin proposes an infinite range of colours due to the wide variety of precious materials it uses, including buffalo, antelope, zebu and oryx horn and tortoiseshell.


The excellence of a bespoke service; this is the daring approach adopted by artisanal frame-makers Ateliers Baudin, who have set up shop at 38 rue de Penthièvre, on the outskirts of Faubourg Saint-Honoré, in Paris. Behind the Ateliers Baudins, three men gathered around the same passion for excellence and heritage: Brice Maître the artisan, Guillaume Clerc the optician-optometrist and Paul de Labriffe the entrepreneur. Through the project, they wanted to revive a hundred years of know-how: eyewear craftsmanship from the Jura.


Ateliers Baudin creates a real map of the face, featuring its most minute details - the shape of the root of the nose, face width and pupillary distance, the positioning of the petrous part of the temporal bone - in order to then develop a tailor-made style. The frames are designed and handcrafted in the chosen material, by experienced artisans in the Paris workshop.


Hours of work go into producing the working drawing and crafting the facets to bring out the colours and brilliance of the rare materials. During a final fitting session with the customer, the artisan adjusts the precious frames to the person’s face for the last time and the style is finalised. Ateliers Baudin introduces us to the philosophy of taking your time and shares its quest for perfection.